D.ex D. are five people from Germany.
The band was founded in 1998 by the foundation members Uwe-bass,Hagen-guitar and
Ronny-vocal in the town Frankfurt on the river Oder,near the german borderline to Poland.
After different changes of the drummers, the actually drummer Mark was new member
of D.ex D.
In the year 2003 the second guitarman frank became the fiveth member of D. ex D.

These five different characters with different ways of life colored the style and the sound of
D.ex D. with a hard and heavy sound and gentle nots.
The name D.ex D. is the abbreviation of the latin words "diem ex die ".
The demo-CD "the life" was recorded in an underground studio near Frankfurt and is a short section of the first songs of D.ex D. in english and german language.
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